5 Top Tips For Boho Home Decor

Boho House Décor – 5 Amazing Tips!

Have you ever wanted to bring your love of all things Boho into your home? Do you picture your house covered with beautiful Boho style and accessories but have no idea where to start?

Well fear not, as we bring you 5 amazing pieces of Boho-tastique inspiration!

Try jazzing up your tired old walls with a wall tapestry

Bohemian style wall tapestry

(Image credit: John Lewis)


Buy (or make) a colourful patchwork bedspread using lots of Indian inspired colours

boho soft furnishings


Either make a lovely patchwork quilt (above) or buy one ready-made (below) to add rustic charm to your bedroom!


patchwork boho quilt

Don’t be afraid to add texture in layers! 

Adding throws to chairs makes them look great. Try adding layers of throws and cushions to bring different colours and textures into play.

layered boho material
It really makes for an eye-catching and cost-effective way to add cheer and Boho-chic to your living space.
layering materials for boho look

(Image credit: Woods Furniture)

Bring nature and life into your home with houseplants!

houseplants and greenery | boho marche

More greenery, more colour and a little bit of mother nature indoors? Looks heavenly to us!

Think about lighting

Ambient lighting can make such a huge difference to achieving the Boho look in your home. 

boho style candles - boho marche

It doesn’t just have to be candles, try a lamp on the floor or a chain of fairy lights across the ceiling, move things about until you find the ambience and zen you’ve been craving!

bohemian fairy lights - boho style


What do you think? We would love to hear your ideas on how to bring in boho decor. Let us know in the comments below - bonus points if you share your pictures with us!

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