How To Make Your Bedroom More Boho

Top ways to make your bedroom more boho

Whether you're a hippie, free spirit or just want to bring more of the bohemian style into your life, these ideas may be just the thing to make your bedroom a bohemian paradise.

Introduce nature

boho nature style


Boho style incorporates and appreciates nature. Having a bit of greenery in your bedroom not only reflects the boho style, it also helps to oxygenate the room, give you clarity and help keep the look fresh and clean.

You don't need half a jungle in your room to achieve this look. Having one or two small plants can make a massive difference.

Fairy lights

bedroom fairy lights - boho style

Image from Powerbee

Ambience is incredibly important when it comes to the bohemian style and lighting can make or break the look. We love this idea of having a canopy above the bed with fairy lights throughout. It makes for a cosy, bijoux way to light up a room.

Other ways to weave in fairy lights into a boho room can be to include them in a mosquito net above/around the bed or even in the leaves of trees and plants (if they are large and strong enough to support the lights).

Tie-die soft furnishings

tie dye bedding | boho style lifestyle

Image via Pinterest

Time to get creative! Sure, you *could* buy tie-dye soft furnishings, but that's not as fun. Tie-dye is surprisingly easy and a wonderful way to introduce colour in a way that is reminiscent of the 1970s. 

Simply start with white or light colour furnishings (such as pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets, cushion covers, etc.). Then bundle it up in string or elastic bands before soaking the item in fabric dye mixed with water. If you're not sure, why not check out this video on tie-dying.

Add cushions

Think bright colours, ethnic styles and natural fibres. We love these cushions from Classic Crockery.

Boho Cushions | Boho Marche | Bohemian Style

The bright colours and bold patterns make a statement in any room and takes it to the next bohemian step. Teaming pieces like this against natural fibres and natural colours can make them to stand out even more.

For an even more boho approach, you could even think about making your own. Think about using old materials that you don't use anymore like old cloths, tablecloths or curtains. Saving the planet never looked so great!

Do you have any tips to make a bedroom more boho? We want to hear them! Share them in the comments - we can't wait to hear your tips and tricks.

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