Mother's Day Boho Gift Ideas

For those living in the UK, Mother’s day is just around the corner (Sunday 22nd March). Well done if you have been super-organised and have got a gift for her already. If you haven’t; it’s not too late!

We’ve pulled together some boho gift ideas for mums who love the bohemian lifestyle. Read on to find out our top ideas:

Mother’s Day Experiences

It doesn’t have to be about gifts and cards. It can be about spending time together to do something she will love.

Depending on where you live, it’s worth checking out what is going on in your local area. Things we found and love all over the UK:

Weaving and other craft workshops

Did you know, a great way to introduce the boho look to your home or space is to bring in weavings for the walls? Particularly weavings using macrame knots.

weaving workshops mothers day gifts

We found plenty of great weaving courses and other wonderful craft workshops all across the UK on Craft Courses. Some are more expensive than others so if you're feeling the pinch, it could be worth looking at buying a gift voucher for these courses instead (also perfect if you're not that into it and Mum can take a friend instead).

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea can be a great outing for you and Mum. Those little sandwiches and cakes aren't going to eat themselves after all (in case you needed an excuse). 

It doesn't necessarily cost too much either. For example, if you live in or near Glasgow, you may be familiar with Metropolitan who is running afternoon tea from £15 per person according to

mothers day afternoon tea - boho gifts

Of course, if you live somewhere where there are very few workshops, cafes or experiences or if you don’t have the money right now, you could go for a walk somewhere and enjoy a cup of tea together. Your mum will be grateful to spend time with you either way.

Boho style cards

Who said a Mother's Day card had to be a standard card from the supermarket? If your mum is into Boho style then there's plenty of card options including:

Make one: Yeah, we know, this takes time. But, if you do invest the time, your Mum will likely love the extra effort put in to create something unique for her. 
You don't need to be the crafty type either. It really is about the thought and not your glueing and folding skills!

Check out craft stalls and markets: If you don't have the inclination or simply can't make your own card, there are plenty of people out there who can. Now is a good time to look around at local craft markets and stalls as you may find something special and unique. Plus it's wonderful to support local artists and small traders!

Look for boho cards online: If you can't get to the crafty people, let them send their craft to you. There are some great sites for niche style and handmade cards. We found a great place to start is Etsy.

Boho Jewellery

Naturally, we couldn't write this post without suggesting some key jewellery pieces that we recommend for Mum. Our boho jewellery can make a beautiful gift that's something a little different than standard store-bought jewellery.

Beaded aquamarine necklace

We absolutely love this beautiful necklace. Its beautiful colouring means it can be worn almost anywhere and it suits women of any age. That's why recommend it as a great gift for Mum.

Buy yours here.

Multi-colour boho earrings

Bold, beautiful and tasteful. We recommend these earrings for Mums everywhere. It can be hard to make a real statement with jewellery without going overboard and these earrings do exactly that. The stunning colours mean they can be worn with a variety of different outfits and for multiple occasions.

Get yours here.

We owe a lot to our Mothers. Whether they have been your mum since birth, chose you or maybe they're a very special grandmother, it's time to say thank you.

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