Who is wearing the boho style?

Celebrities wearing boho fashion

Boho or bohemian style is a timeless fashion that has been around for a long time. Whilst it remains as an ‘alt fashion’ there are many celebrities rocking the look. This week, we are asking the question, who has been wearing boho pieces and how did they pull off the look?

Vanessa Hudgens

Is there any look that Vanessa Hudgens can't pull off? From looking sleek on the red carpet to relaxing in hippie-chic and boho items at a festival - she just seems to get it absolutely right.

celebrity boho fashion

Image: Guest of a Guest

Vanessa has been spotted in a huge array of hippie-esque and boho get ups. We love the festival look above achieved with a laid back hairstyle and stunning boho accessories.

Emma Watson

Possibly one of the more surprising entries to our list. Emma Watson pulls off many looks incredibly well and is renowned for finding a subtle, classy way to do it. Below, she absolutely nails the boho look for Coachella.

Emma Watson Festival Fashion

Image: Rebloggy

This look has incorporated just the right amount of everything. Animal print: tick. Tasteful accessories: tick. Natural fibers: tick. Boho jewellery: tick. A+ for achieving the perfect boho festival look.

Stevie Nicks

There's no surprise that Stevie Nicks makes our list. Ms Nicks can pull off almost anything and has been rocking the hippie/boho look for many years. Not just famous for her talent and performing exceptionally well but for looking great doing it too.

celebrities wearing boho fashion

Image: New York Times

Above, Stevie as pulled off a simple approach to the look by keeping it neutral with the outfit and wearing a multi-layer necklace.


Again, no surprise here. Beyonce has a habit of wowing people all over the world with her effortless style. Queen B is no stranger to the Boho look and has rocked it many times over the span of her career.

beyonce boho style

Image: Minutes

Loud and proud. We love this bold look above. B wins this look by weaming a long, bright dress with a natural-looking Aztec style bag and bright colored earrings.

Is there anyone we've missed? Let us know who rocked your favourite boho look in the comments below.

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